Central California - May/June 2009

South on US395


Movie Road

Just west of the town of Lone Pine, CA is an area known as the Alabama Hills. The whole area is littered with sculpted rock outcroppings that rise out of the Owens Valley floor. According to imdb.com, there have been at least 316 movies filmed here. Modern examples include Tremors (a personal favorite) and Star Trek: Generations.


Here we see one of the many outcroppings with the eastern Sierra Nevada in the background.


A shot looking northwest towards the High Sierras.


Note the dark oval “cave” in the rock left of center. The back appears to have a heart-shaped hole eroded through it.


One of the stranger looking formations.





Owens Valley Radio Observatory

On the vast majority of my vacations out west, I have visited some sort of astronomically oriented place. This trip was no exception. I happened to pass by the Owens Valley Radio Observatory




The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Located in the White Mountains, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest contains the oldest known living trees in the world. The oldest individual, known as “Methuselah”, is over 4700 years old! And these trees only thrive in specific rocky conditions at elevations of 10,000ft and higher!


A panorama looking across the Owens Valley from the road up to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. The elevation here is ~9000ft



A closer look at the peaks of the eastern Sierras.


A few of the Bristlecone Pines.

Unfortunately, while up amongst the pines a huge cloud blocked the sunlight. This made for poor photographic lighting.



Another one of the pines.


This was a lone stand just outside the parking area gate.



San Francisco

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Waterfalls

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Tioga Pass Road 1

Tioga Pass Road 2

Mammoth Lakes – Fire…

Mammoth Lakes –  ... and Ice

South on US395

Moonrise at the Golden Gate


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